Meet the Judges

The judging committee is composed of individuals with different backgrounds and specialties; some will be familiar with the area you’re talking about and others will never have seen it. We hope to learn more about the space itself and how it affects learning.

Wendy Covich is Marketing Communications Manager at DLA. She is a graphic design buff and loves modern art. Wendy goes out of her way to see bands like Rise Against or Alkaline Trio. She’d like to see entries that tell a story and have characters. Her advice to those working on their scholarship submission would be to make it personal. If you are talking about a science room, tell us about a lab experiment, how you used the room to complete the project and what you learned from the experiment.

Bruce Dahlquist is President at DLA Architects. He is an avid fisherman and a great golfer. He enjoys musicals, live theater, and his all-time favorite movie is Blazing Saddles. He has actually taught several architectural history classes and has written on the topic too. A strong proponent of the green and sustainable design movement, Bruce encourages you to think in terms of being sustainably aware. Does anything stand out as being water-efficient, energy-efficient or resource efficient (recycled content, long-lasting materials that don’t have to be replaced frequently)? Do you notice rain barrels or a green roof?

Matt Lowe is one of the head designers at DLA. He is a musician who can often be found on stage or writing music. He finds inspiration everywhere, but most often in his three young daughters. As a designer, Matt is especially interested in the psychological aspects of how the spaces he creates affect people, and he’ll be looking for entries that talk about this. Is there enough light? Does the space have a mood or atmosphere? His advice to scholarship applicants would be to look all around you. You don’t have to be an architect to be affected by space, it’s unavoidable – and if you don’t look, you might miss it!

Dwain Lutzow is CEO and co-founder of DLA Architects. He is passionate about architecture and the White Sox. He enjoys sailing and travel; he recently combined these two hobbies and sailed in the Greek Islands. Very active in clubs and other groups, Dwain will be especially interested in entries that talk about connections. Does the space make it possible to get to know your classmates and peers or, maybe, work in groups?


Carrie Matlock is a Partner at DLA. An outdoor enthusiast, she is always active – snowshoeing, running, rafting, golfing, volleyball. Show her a path and she can’t resist hiking it, always with her loyal dog, Cooper – the less traveled, the better. Carrie is a died-in-the-wool Cubs fan and can feel it: this is the year. Carrie is looking for entries that really show a student’s creativity. While a simple interview with alternating pictures would certainly be adequate, if you can push a little harder to record something that is quirky or shows a little more effort, it’ll really stand out in the judges’ eyes!